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Full Moon April

Next Full Moon is on 8th April, 2.35 am UT
Moon is at 18.43 Libra (Sun 18.43 Aries)
Sesquiquadrate Venus (3.51 Gemini), quincunx Neptune (19.31 Pisces), square Pluto (24.54 Capricorn) and Jupiter (25.13 Capricorn)
We are likely to experience a time where communicating one‘s values is full of emotional tension. Relationships/friendships will suffer and might even end because there are no mutual values – what for one person is important isn‘t for the other, so the only way is to separate and follow one‘s own path.
Our sensitivity is heightened. Confusion and insecurities are somehow always kind of there, though one can‘t pin point it exactly. Be aware there is the likelihood of misjudging, deceit, misinformation (misdiagnosis). On the other hand it is a very good time for dreaming. 
This full moon happens just a few days after the beginning of a new Jupiter-Pluto cycle.
There has been a global meditation on 5th April 2.45 UT. We all can bring forth a profound change in consciousness by intentionally calling down and being conduits of the Higher Light Frequencies and grounding them into the Earth (singing and weaving them into the song lines) and all life upon her.
We are writing history! This Pluto-Jupiter conjunction gives power and influence to make a big difference. The result depends on our intention and goals.
It is important that we focus on the new structures, the new light, the new consciousness, and aligning ourself with them, dropping all egoistic materialistic goals.
No matter what the media and other people (from anyone on the street up to the closest and dearest ones) are saying, we have to connect to the Cosmos and the Earth, to the stellar and chthonic energies, and to our own hearts to perceive the truth, to understand what is most important, most essential. The old mind-born solutions won‘t help us anymore. The mixture of what of those information we can believe and which are fraud is too dense to untangle with the mind itself. 
Whatever helps you to connect with the Great Above and Great Below and your own heart, practice it, make it to a daily normal way of being/living. Strengthen you connection with nature (within and without). So you are part of making a big difference in this world, by simply being who you are once you have dropped out of your mind into your body and the connection with all-that-is.
Be blessed.
image credit: Albert Digby Moran, Rainbow Serpent (from the book „Energien der Erde“)
Full Moon April

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