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Beltane Fire

Those of you who know me will know that I take the instructions of the spirits seriously. They have never let me down. Therefore, I like to manifest the coming together the ancient ones talked about as well, especially around a fire…

So I invite you all for a Beltane fire. That we come together in non-linear space and all light a fire, no matter how big and with how many people, on Wednesday and/or Thursday night, under the Beltane full moon (6th/7th May). The Beltane Full Moon is a powerful time to heal those wounds which block our path.

We can give many issues of the list  into the fire, and free ourselves from old patterns. We can let those aspects of our old identities die in the fire, cleans ourselves, purify and be reborn. So that we then can dance together around the fire, can send our new truthful energy with our fire to the other fires of  each other, thus feeding the rainbow net and to connect with each of us across the closed borders and isolations.

Beltane is extremely fitting for this as it is the time of the heart, of the sacred union (Hieros Gamos), of love and joy and of celebration and coming together and of dancing and weaving the ribbons, … 

It is the time of the greatest fertility and abundance. Die creative power of the Earth is expanding in an indescribable and new way, the joy of life is omnipresent. The erotic vibrations are everywhere. Everything in nature is full of power and is unfolding, grows and flowers. The bees hummm, the nature spirits are roaming and dancing….

Beltane is the celebration of the union of feminine and masculine powers, the union of the Earth with the Sun, of the Goddess with the God – all with the intention, to conjure up new fertility, new life, new diversity.

As conscious co-creators we can set into motion new fertility, new life, a new world. 

image credit: Natalya_Kollegova/pixabay

Beltane Fire

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