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Spirit World News – 24.04.2020

We continued the researching/ investigating in the tele study circle which is continuously growing. This time we plunged into the funnel of the gramophone of last Friday’s answer, to die – willingly and laughingly,  so that we are freed of all we don’t need anymore, of all that is limiting us, hindering us, to be completely rainbow coloured.

The experience/answer was a personal one for everyone, because each of us has a dominating theme which limits and ties one to the old world. This subject can rank third or ninth place for someone else, but in the end we all will have to deal with all issues, because we are all human beings and haven’t just lost our own truthfulness but also that of being a human being.
Therefore, may the answers we receive be helpful for other people as well, to walk and co-create the path of change full of trust. 

Here the coagulation – an answer of the ancient ones:

We see, you have realised:
a lot more
has to die
has to burn in the fire
has to be washed away by the waters
until you become rainbow coloured.

let the dragon bite off your head to play football with it

let the snake bite you so you feel the healing power of her venom
let your body be scattered into thousand pieces to experience your essence.
Again and again and again.

Drop, again and again and again
into the primal womb
into the endless darkness which is pure gold at the same time.
Only there, in the unknown, the primal ground, the deep velvet blackness of creation
you can become free.

Free from
all routines that kept you like a grey chained dog
all identities, attachments, judgements, differentiations, enemy-images, secrets, comparisons
all ignorance, helplessness, blind obedience, control, dishonesty, heaviness, deception, security, importance, valuation
all collected pain, sadness, anger, hiding, blockages, own advantages, exception-making.

You have our help when you go through this list. And they are all there when you plunge into the funnel: bear, birds, snake, dolphins, eagle, moon, sparkling spring water, jungle, ocean, octopus, stars, sun, rainbow, dandelion, jaguar, dragon, lizard, fire, spider, combed net,…

And lose everything
All and everything.
Until there is no body, no feeling, no thoughts anymore.
Until there is nothing.
Until the known (space-time) reality is completely dissolved.
Until you are pure life.

Stay in this moment of vitality, joy, oneness, connectedness, curiosity, ecstasy, levity, sovereignty, divinity.
Again and again and again.
Prepare yourself.
Relax and expand this moment each time a bit more
To minutes, to hours, …
Until this state of being is fully your new reality, day and night.

Get together with others who have awakened into true human beings
Laugh and dance together around the fire and on the rainbow
Show up in your truthfulness 
Bring this energy into the grey of the chained dogs

This power brings new flowers to flower, new stars to shine
It transforms the grey into colours
It opens new roads, new song lines
It makes the impossible possible.

Spirit World News – 24.04.2020

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