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Message from the Spirit World – 1.05.2020

The question of the last tele study circle was What actions can we do in our personal life to bring the rainbow into our everyday life, to sing our own song, to walk our own song line, to co-create, from the place of the heart and womb, a new reality — apart from the “homework” we got from the spirits (see the list of the last coagulation. We will be busy with it for quite a while).

Coagulation of the experiences and answers the participants received – an answer from the elders:

Continue to learn in the darkness, in the depth.
Continue to drop, drop, and drop again.
Continue to die, to let go of all old wounds, griefs, habits.

Deepen your practice so it becomes your new daily routine.
Stay connected with the primal source
and open all doors and windows of your heart.

Remember the ancient wisdom: Reality is dreamed, 
out of the silence, out of the stillness, out of the darkness, out of the womb,
together with the moon and her gossamer threads.

Visit mother bear to relearn what you once knew:
To play and cuddle, to fletch your teeth and stand your ground, to dream and heal.
Get her teachings into your system.

You are the one who gives everything the meaning it has.
You are the one who chooses the paint-colours for the walls of your life.
You are the one who can re-ritualise your day-to-day, moment-to moment life.

Cut off your hair and take your staff against all doubters.
Come off the cross and show up with your real, your holy, Self.
Uncork yourself and overspill your light and love into the world.

Like nature never holds back a flower, a scent, a raindrop, a tsunami,
do everything with utter abundant joy and ecstasy
every-thing, every ever so little thing:

Jumping onto a raft in the rapids,
Lying on the veranda in a reclining deck chair, 
Blowing soap bubbles into the sky at sunset, …

Like nature never acts below her gold standard,
do everything utterly heart-felt, womb-felt, truth-full
every-thing, every ever so tiny habit:

Chopping wood and carrying water,
Walking up to the mountain top and encountering your God,
Lying in the sun and listening to the didgeridoo sounds the wind carries, …

Be honest to yourself in all your thoughts, emotions and actions.
Whatever your gold standard is, stick to it. Not once waver in your decisions.
Be yourself, be true to yourself, whatever the situation.

Learn from the chameleon and the kraken 
how to adapt to and to imitate the surroundings,
yet never ever be anything but yourself.

Let the soles of your feet sing your song into Mother Earth.
Let your forked tongue speak the words of truth.
Let your eyes poor forth the rainbow into the world.

There is nothing to do and yet all counts.
Stop fighting and yet name the poisoners.
Sit it out and yet be courageous in your actions.

Subvert the poisoned system with your love and light.
Practice the ancient festivals and create new rituals.
You are not alone. We have your back covered.

Message from the Spirit World – 1.05.2020

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