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Message from the Spirit World – 14.08.2020

Our intention of last Friday’s Tele Study Circle was to take stock. What/How much has changed for me since? What have I been able to let go? How much has flown out (into the river of tears, pain and grief)? Which relationships are gone, altered, new? How is my relationship with the Earth? How is my relationship with myself? Where do I (still) react with resistance? What kind of fears are (still) there? How do I deal with uncertainty? And to receive guidance, healing, information from our allies, the Earth and the spirits about our next personal steps.

The coagulation from all the answers been sent was rich as always and came with a new tone:

Come in, come in.
Pixies, imps, dwarfs & co are all inviting you to the show

Entrance fee is your chronometer
Timelessly take a seat, lean back, expect nothing and enjoy the show. 

Hustle, bustle, giggling, shuffling… –
Welcome to your present light show!

Watch and join us stirring the pot, 
the bubbling cauldron, handed to us by the norns for your show.

No no no, you cannot know what soup is cooked. 
We won’t tell, but we will give you your share. Promised. 

There is no time for hesitation – make your decision. Now. 
Stay or leave. The show cannot wait, the soup is already boiling.

We grab your fears by their roots and place them as stars in the sky
We strip you of all your clothes, your comfort, your roles

We remove those bandages around your feet
We cut those heavy cords that tie you to the past

We have you stand naked under the soft moon light and the blazing heat of the sun
While the hope of the stars twinkle above you

We help you soften, we help you strengthen, we help you purify
so long until all flotsam and jetsam of your life is gone

We offer you a timeless encounter with your essence
a gyroscope in a rainbow cloak 

We teach you to orient yourself in the non-space
to find your way into the underworld 

We teach you to walk – properly, in the present –
to catch water from the lake under the world tree

Let it spout into the cauldron together with your joy and courage
Then add your spices, your wildness, your untamed nature

And stir with us, round and round and round, round and round and round
Sing with the bubbles and dance with the spiralling vapours

Now, here’s your share of today’s magic
Drink your cup, drain it to the last drop

While the abundance fills you
and you notice the impossible unfolding

While your heart becomes the place of truth
and your mindfulness talks to the deer

While you get nourished by the light
and your body builds deep roots in the below and above

You shine unwavering through all times,
and are consistently knowing 

Who you are
What you want
Where you go

image credit: mohamed Hassan / pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 14.08.2020

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