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Message from the Spirit World – 02.10.2020

We have walked through the desert of our dead dreams, have arrived in your garden (see last coagulation). There, staying responsive to what the world needs from us – now, during the time of the full moon which illuminates the wounds of the collective sacred masculine – our intention for the tele study circle is the following: What can we, each of us, do so that new seeds for the sacred masculine find fertile soil and can grow?!


The coagulated answer:

drop your fear and lift the veil 
that reveals the black mirror
trust the earth snake 
that takes you through the darkness 
into the sabre-toothed-tiger-cave of you garden
where the keepers of the sacred await 
your coming to receive and friendly welcome 
the seeds of the sacred masculine
then it is completely up to you
to find the space in your garden
where you saw the seeds of sun and gold 
and to nurture them with all you have
supported and protected they build strong roots
in the earth and water under the sky and sun
becoming steady and lifting their heads
playing and enjoying and celebrating life
as a sacred dance of yang following yin
your garden grows into a new forest
a paradise of radiance, receptive, projective and protective 
where the earth snakes entwine in joy
when the time of the harvest comes
those flowers bestow on you their beauty and strength 
in an explosion of a yellow, orange, red fireworks
to be carried into the world
image credit: Gerd Altmann / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 02.10.2020

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