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New Moon – 8.8.2021

the next New Moon is on August 8th at 1.50pm UT
Moon and Sun are at 16°14’ Leo
square Uranus (14°44’ Taurus), opposite Saturn (9°42’ rx Aquarius), conjunct some fixed stars in the head of the constellation of the Lion
once again this New Moon activates the Uranus-Saturn square of 2021, though this time the influence of Uranus is likely to be stronger. we can expect the unexpected 🙂 internally or/and externally, in forms of sudden impulses, changes, disruptions, instability, chaos, revolutions, rebellions, … … and also what Terrance McKenna called “events of extreme novelty”
the invitation is be as open and flexible as possible and at the same time to find our courage in midst of the sudden changes and to bring forth our creative potential. it is time to stop doubting and being full of fear but to live self-confident, to remember who we truly are, that we truly are divine, are light, are vibration, are creative potential – have always been this, will always be this. 
this New Moon falls into the so-called 8/8 Time Gate, i.e. the Sun entering the constellation of the Lion. We know the power of the 8…   the 8 activates the codes of infinity within our bodies so we can birth more fully into the mysteries of self-awakening. The key is self-love, tapping into the unlimited field of love, light, vibration, divinity, creativity, infinite power, infinite wisdom, truth – called it what you like. 
this New Moon is a great time to move beyond the known/established, to sing the Creation anew, to explore Sacred Time. it is a great doorway / portal into infinity and beyond.
we can become more aware of Time, the Time Matrix, and of the timeless wisdom that resides in our bodies. we can step out of the time between our thoughts and actions and stay centred in Love.
and remember to “never delude yourself into believing that you require someone else’s blessing (or even their comprehension) in order to make your own creative work.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)
use the Moon-window between Friday and Sunday (drum, walk the eight, meditate, make a sacred fire, a ceremony, etc) and step onto the eternal path into infinity to activate your self-love and creative (divine) potential
image credit: darkmoon / pixabay
New Moon – 8.8.2021

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