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Full Moon – 22.08.2021

The next Full Moon is on 22nd August, 12.02pm UT
it is once again a very special one:
it is a Blue Moon – it is the third of four full moons in this season (normally there are only three Full moons in a season)
Jupiter is at opposition (exact on 19th August)
The Sun is conjunct the Heart of the Lion, Regulus (exact on 22nd/23rd August)
Moon 29°37’ Aquarius (Sun 29°37’ Leo)
conjunt Jupiter (26°54’ rx Aquarius), square Lilith (3°53’ Gemini)
This Full Moon offers a lot of growth and expansion – if we are willing to focus on our Heart, to see with our Heart, and to act from our Heart. Then the results are generous and successful. It brings „power, authority, honour and riches“ and greater illumination of our essential divine nature. If not, the result is arrogance, hybris, greed, immorality and brings „violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, and benefits seldom last“. 
This Full Moon also offers awareness about the the energy of Lilith, who travels close to the Nodes right now, thus allowing us to change some of the inherited karmic patterns in our cells. If we are willing, we can use the Full Moon to embrace her energies with our Heart, to rewrite our history with her, and to give more space to her joyful and playful expression.
Lilith in Gemini supports the connection between the feminine intuitive insight and the masculine intellect / logic. Lilith fills in her language of images, dreams and symbols. She helps us to lay down our fear to speak what needs to be spoken and stop beating around the bush. We can stand up for ourselves and speak with power from our intuition. We can stop insisting on our conviction and refine our intuitive wisdom.
The Moon is not with any major fixed star but the Sun is. Each year the Sun is closest to Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, from 16th to 29th August. Regulus is known as the Ruler, the Regulator, the Lawgiver, the King, the Mighty or Great One, the Star of the Centre or the Central One. Any Full or New Moon occurring during that time is such a great time to work with the magic of this Behenian Star. That means that everything we now create from the passion of our heart, the space of our heart, the wisdom of our heart, gets magnified.
This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to restore our Sacred Relationship with all Life by being guided by the wisdom of our heart. Like the goddess Sekmeth restored justice though her Lioness heart, we can do so, too. In Tibet she is known as Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, “Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings.
This Full Moon allows to reorientate our attitude of judging about right and wrong – we can leave behind the mind’s century old and well established opinion about that. We can centre our actions for the purpose of world usefulness – we can leave behind all mind’s century old and well established ego-centredness.
So the strongest invitation of this Full Moon is to be guided by our Heart energy. to activate our Leonine Heart – our Sovereign Queen of dynamic Self-Love, Self-Reliance, Self-Approval, Self-Determination, Self-Confidence, Self-Sufficiency, Self-Respect, Self-Acceptance, Self-Embrace. This Full Moon allows us to tap into the power of the Heart and re-define us, our Self, who we truly are, from there.
Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of the Ancients and one of the 15 Magical Stars of the Alchemists, the Behenian Fixed Stars. The Behenii were seen as a source or “root” of astrological power that was magnified each time when one or more of the visible planets were within six degrees. So whenever a planet is near the heart star Regulus, its magical energy is magnified assisting in expanding intentions, magical symbols, talismans, amulets, potions, elixirs, ceremonies for healing…, that are aligned with our heart knowing.  
Each Behenian star has been connected to a gemstone and plant that can be used to help draw upon the star’s influence. One stone and plant related to Regulus are granite and mugwort. Another plant I can also add is Wachuma – I seldom have experienced such deep connection with all-that-is and such an open heart as in a ceremony with this medicine.
Regulus shifted from the seasonal sign Leo (where it was for 2160 years) into Virgo (end of November 2011) – due to the movement of the seasonal signs through the constellations. this shift is one of many that occurred in the period of the Times of Great Change we live in. Dane Rudyar saw this shift of Regulus as a „cross check“ for entering a new age. Humanity is evolving from being focused on the masculine and on separation into including the feminine and living in connection. I see more and more people aligning with their insight these days, feeling their connection with nature, with the Earth, and starting mending the broken connection between the Masculine and the Feminine within themselves.
Use the Moon window between Saturday and Monday (drum, walk the eight, meditate, make a ceremony, etc) to deeply connect your Heart with the Heart of Regulus, to strengthen your heart and to receive its wisdom.
image credit: TheOtherKey / pixabay
Full Moon – 22.08.2021

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