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Full Moon Eclipse – 19.11.2021

the next Full Moon is on 19th November at 8.57 am UT
it is a Partial Lunar Eclipse and as such opens, together with the Solar Eclipse in 2 weeks, the new eclipse season. that means these energies are going to be present for the next half year.  it is wise to hold a clear intention. 
Moon is at 27°14’ Taurus (Sun 27°14’ Scorpio) 
opposite Mercury (21°36’ Scorpio), square Jupiter (24°00’ Aquarius), trine Pluto (24°46’ Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Venus (12°17’ Capricorn), conjunct North Node (1°47’ rx Gemini), conjunct fixed star Algol in the head of Medusa of the constellation Perseus
one strong feature of this Full Moon is that it will exaggerate. it is possible that we produce or encounter immorality, blind faith, irresponsibility, excessiveness, greed, control, manipulation, deception, domination, extremism, violence, sickness. the energies of this Full Moon eclipse make them all possible.
with this eclipse it is super helpful to be aware of any extreme emotional state, outburst, mood-swing, wrong enthusiasm, and of any immoral thought before we begin to act. 
as Algol is one of the most evil stars (we know of), to cause violence, destruction and sickness, and Perseus as a whole constellation indicates events effecting large number of people, it is very likely that we will encounter one or various forms of destruction on a global level during the next months – made by mankind and/or by nature.
but, as with all things, there is another side to Algol as well. like the blood of Medusa, which was partly poisonous and partly healing, like snake venom, wich can kill but also heal… it all depends on how consciously we use the energies. it is said that high spiritual rays are emanating from Algol which can be used for spiritual development. 

so what also can be exaggerate is our psychic perception, our transformation and our spiritual evolution – that is if we choose honesty, develop/hold a strong sense of purpose, deepen our faith, and set the intention to evolve to a higher level, to expand our horizons, to rise our frequency. 
this eclipse invites us to dive deep into Medusa’s mystery, to connect with her, to allow her powers (to guard, to protect, to transform) and teachings to unfold in our lives. 
for millennia we have been taught to fear snakes, to perceive them as evil. Unknowingly, caught by our self-created fear, we have severed ourselves from the Earth with this and have been suppressing and controlling our own power of transformation and healing, as a person and as a collective. this eclipse gives us the opportunity to change this!

all eclipses open portals from the Great Above due to the fact that the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are aligned. they offer us to change our routine (of thinking, feeling and acting) and our perceptions and thus to change our life as they activate certain planetary and personal codes. they kind of form a combination-lock and as they align the lock clicks open. this unlocking very often leads to deep changes that then start to unfold so that those new energies can manifest.
all eclipses accelerate our experience of Time. whatever intention we hold, its manifestation is accelerated. and whatever is not in alignment with our intent will quickly become evident so we can change it, let go of it, release it. this could be particularly painful if we are too attached to the old. during an eclipse we can also dive deeper into the understanding of time, encounter and create different timelines. 
during all Lunar Eclipses the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, i.e. we can literally see our shadow, which makes them an ideal time for self-awareness of our own personal shadows. the aspect of this Full Moon eclipse to Pluto enhances this. the more we allow the intensity of our emotions to be expressed the more we can heal old traumatic wounding, personal as well as ancestral as well as collective ones. engaging with our shadows, we also learn to understand that shadows are doorways. they assist and guide us, they have teachings and feelings that come out of them.
this Full Moon eclipse not only gives us the opportunity to heal old traumas but also to align more with our karmic destiny, including creating new karmic relationships. as the North Node is in Gemini we are reminded to be playful, curious and do everything with levity and an open heart. 

some of the last lunar eclipse does continue with this one: we are invited to become aware of the way we communicate, what words we use, and what thoughts we think. so we realise how thoughts manifest into matter.  we can become conscious about the constant thinking-process of our minds, of all the subconscious belief sentences with which we create our reality. we also can become aware of what we perceive as truth – and expand this.

if it is our will and wish, if we choose it, if we use our imagination (yes, and breath and will), and in cases of obstacles use our patience and continue the work, this eclipse helps us to have our fears and shadows transformed, to shift our old established (emotional, mental and physical) patterns and allow our frequency to rise, rise, rise so we are vibrating more and more in love and acceptance. 

great if you can use the exact time of the eclipse – in Europe we will only be able to see the Penumbral beginning of the eclipse because the Moon then disappears below the horizon but is it still an extremely powerful time to align with its energies – otherwise find some time between Thursday and Saturday (drum, journey, walk the eighth, meditate) to surf this great cosmic wave with lots of openness and clear intention.

image credit: wikimedia

Full Moon Eclipse – 19.11.2021

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