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Message from the Spirit World – 8.05.2020

In the tele study circle on the 8th of May each of us (30 participants) sought clarification about “What aspect of my true essence is now – in this great change (of times, together with the Earth) – being called up to be expressed and lived by me with joy and by my gold standard?“

The coagulation, which one of the participants calls magic spells, delivered the following answer:

the new horizon from within the cave

the deer from the edge of the green valley
the Earth from the stars


activate your light until you burn as fire and glow as ember.

look at the new sunrise
take in the new dawn
see that all living things are created equal equal


in the fire until you’re purified of all judgement, all grief, all resistance.

to the silence of the night melting into the first sounds of the awakening day

to the elves between the birch trees among the flowering meadow
to the, over centuries in the depth of the cave imprisoned and neglected, grandmother


endure her screams and laments until she allows your embrace and forgives 

to your joy

to your light
to your truthfulness


let them
leave you the cave to walk you through the jungle
fly you across the earth and the cosmos
swim you with the dolphins in the sea


You smile
You are the Earth which connects with your heart
You twinkle
You are the stars which embrace you
You sing
You are the trees amongst which you walk
You laugh
You the are the sea in which you swim with the dolphins
You swing
You are the dragon which squeezes all nectars out of you
You cradle
You are the animals in the forest which you heal
You live
You are the lake of golden nectar in which the sun, moon and stars bath
You love

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Message from the Spirit World – 8.05.2020

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