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May New Moon

The next New Moon is on Friday 22nd, at 5.38 pm UT
Moon and Sun are at 2.04 Gemini
Trine Saturn (1.50 rx Aquarius), square Mars (6.29 Pisces), trine Jupiter (27.08 rx Capricorn), conjunct fixed stars Atiks and Mirfak in the constellation of Perseus and Alcyone of the Pleiades in the constellation of the Bull.
This New Moon asks for mature responsibility and offers long lasting success, though likely in small steps and only if one has a long breath, perseverance, determination, and is aware of what is practicable and realistic.
Saturn is very strong (stronger than Jupiter) and we, personally as well as globally („a large number of people being effected“) will have to face further restrictions and limitations (by organisations, political and economic authorities, structures) on our way over the next years.
 „Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying.“ With the ruler of the New Moon, Mercury, being square to Neptune, the likelihood of deception and lies is also there. Therefore, it is wise to not only double check one‘s thoughts /ideas /goals, to choose an ethical way, being loyal to the universal laws, to achieve them, but also not to believe any authorities/ news /others blindly. The good thing is that Saturn does also offer the connection to the wise elders, who have always been responsible in living with the Earth and all creation. 
Some interesting points of this New Moon to ponder on and investigate if you so wish: 
Perseus offers an deeper understanding into the medicine of Medusa. 
The Pleiades have an association with the Holy Spirit and pneuma, breath, and with the flame of Agni, the mouth of the gods and goddesses.
The Pleiades allow us deeper access to our grief about what is lost, what has died. 
A great way to use the portal of the New between 21st and 23rd of May is by walking the eight, meditating, drumming. Focussing on, setting out to receive answers about what calls you…
May New Moon

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