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Beltane 2020 Full Moon

The next Full Moon is Thursday 7th May, 10.46 UT

Moon 17.20 Scorpio (Sun 17.20 Taurus)
opposite Mercury (20.23 Taurus), trine Neptune (20.22 Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Zuben Hakrabi and Zuben Elekribi in constellation of the scales.
Apart from being the fantastic powerful Beltane Full Moon, celebrating the Hieros Gamos, the sacred union of male and female powers in nature (and thus within us as well), this Full Moon is about communication, dreams and finding the balance within.
It is a good time to reflect on our emotions and thoughts, where they are in opposition with other and where they go hand in hand. We might want to dream with them, and or dream with the goddess Maat. 
And to come together with others to exchange our emotional and mental needs and wisdoms. There can be misunderstandings, but more likely there can be the realisation with whom we are not compatible (anymore or that we actually never were). 
Once we become aware of our true emotional and mental needs we are able to let go of all thoughts and emotions (and, resulting from them, the habits and structures we had been creating) that don’t belong to our true self anymore, to look after our true emotional and mental needs, with full responsibility and courage, and to give them the room to expand (Moon will move into sextile to Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn within another day).
One powerful way to tune into these energies is by walking the eighth. finding your eternal true balance of your mind (knowing) and heart (cave) and planting that seed into your womb so it can be dreamed into its fullness.

Another great way is by celebrating Beltane, be this with a fire, a walk under the full Moon, or any other sacred personal way to tune into it. Become aware of your male and female divine aspects, and let them unite and flourish inside you. So that your summer brings forth many offsprings of this loving union.
Beltane is the day of celebration of union,
male and female, the fertility that is present to bring forth more life, deep honoring of the union.
The flower has male and female within,
she gives pollen to a bee, receives new pollen,
while the bee is drinking nectar.
We have that same capacity
We can pollinate ourselves or with others, in any shape or form

True lovemaking comes from the heart and does not require genitals.

At every moment we can become one, we can make love
With a tree, with a flower, with a stoke of wind
With a ray of sun
With a puff of clouds
With a soft touch of rain
And bring forth such healing energy
Such fertile light
For more love to be born

I bow to the power
Of lovemaking
On this auspicious day
And any day!

~ Gisela Stromeyer
Beltane 2020 Full Moon

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    1. Gerne. Immer wieder gerne. Have a great time and drink in the energies 🙂

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