Message from the Spirit World – 13.11.2020

while writing the last blog article I realised how important the shadow work and the dying out of the limiting structures, identifications is and although we have already digged deep and transformed a lot in the Study Circle since March, we have not reached bottom yet. so the intention for the tele study circle was to gain […]

Full Moon Eclipse – 30 November 2020

The next Full Moon is on 30th November at 9.29 am UTand opens the next eclipse season  Moon is 8°38’ Gemini (Sun 8°38’ Sagittarius)quincunx Venus (10°57’ Scorpio), semi sextile Uranus (7°32’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Pluto (23°15’ Capricorn) and Jupiter (26°01’ Capricorn), sextile Chiron (5°03’ rx Aries), conjunct the divine Royal fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of […]

New Moon – 15 November 2020

The next New Moon is on 15th November at 5.07 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 23°17’ Scorpio   sextile Pluto (22°54’ Capricorn), Jupiter (23°15’ Capricorn) and Saturn (27°06’ Capricorn), half sextile Venus (22°10’ Libra), trine Neptune (18°13’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed stars Unukalhai in the constellation of the Serpent and Agena in the constellation of the Centaur   […]

Message from the Spirit World – 16.10.2020

As this tele study circle fell on the New Moon the following intention seemed appropriate: exploring the sacred warrior-pair within, the sacred masculine warrior and the sacred feminine warrioress. The warrior who is in balance, who acts from that still space in his/her middle and follows the pure healthy impulses to do something for the higher good, […]

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