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Year: 2020

Message from the Spirit World – 16.10.2020

As this tele study circle fell on the New Moon the following intention seemed appropriate: exploring the sacred warrior-pair within, the sacred masculine warrior and the sacred feminine warrioress. The warrior who is in balance, who acts from that still space in his/her middle and follows the pure healthy impulses to do something for the higher good, […]

Message from the Spirit World – 02.10.2020

We have walked through the desert of our dead dreams, have arrived in your garden (see last coagulation). There, staying responsive to what the world needs from us – now, during the time of the full moon which illuminates the wounds of the collective sacred masculine – our intention for the tele study circle is the following: What […]

New Perigee Moon October 2020

The next New Moon is a Perigee Moon (Super Moon) on 16th October at 7.31 pm UT Moon and Sun are at 23°53’ Libraopposite Mars (20°11’ Aries) and Lilith (29°29’ Aries), square Jupiter (19°11’ Capricorn), Pluto (22°31’ Capricorn) and Saturn (25°35’ Capricorn), conjunct the fixed stars Spica in the constellation of Virgo and Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes – or, if we […]

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