Beltane Full Moon – 27.04.2021

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert   The next Full Moon is on Tuesday 27th April at 3.31 am UT   It is the first of this year’s three supermoons (the moon making a closer-than-usual pass by earth. […]

New Moon – 12.04.2021

The next New Moon is on Monday 12th April at 2.31 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 22°24’ Aries sextile Mars (23°06’ Gemini) and Jupiter (25°18’ Aquarius), square Pluto (26°44’ Capricorn), conjunct Venus (26°42’ Aries), Mercury (14°57’ Aries) and fixed star Baten Kaitos in the constellation of Cetus, The Whale   This New Moon speaks of […]

Full Moon – 28.03.2021

the next Full Moon is Sunday 28th March at 6.48 pm UT    Moon is at 8°18’ Libra (Sun 8°18’ Aries) opposite Chiron (8°49’ Aries) and Venus (8°56’ Aries), quincunx Uranus (8°50’), sesquiquadrate Jupiter (22°35’ Aquarius), trine Saturn (11°07’ Aquarius), out-of-bounds-Mars (14°31’ Gemini) and the North Node (12°53′ rx Gemini), conjunct fixed star Diadem in the constellation […]

New Moon – 13.03.2021

the next New Moon is on Saturday 13th March, 10.21 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 23°03’ Pisces   conjunct Neptune (20°43’ Pisces) and Venus (19°49’ Pisces), sextile Pluto (26°19’ Capricorn), semi square Saturn (9°44’ Aquarius) and Uranus (8°06’ Taurus), conjunct fixed star Markab in the constellation of Pegasus   my guess is that over the […]

Full Moon – 27.2.2021

The next Full Moon is on Saturday, 27th Feb at 8.17 am UT   Moon is at 8°57’ Virgo (Sun 8°57’ Pisces) opposite Venus (2°14’ Pisces), trine Uranus (7°32’ Taurus), quincunx Saturn (8°17’ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Alioth in the constellation Ursa Major   This Full Moon illuminates the big tension we have to deal with during the […]

New Moon – 11.2.2021

The next New Moon is on 11th Feb at 7.05pm UT   Moon and Sun are 23°16’ Aquarius semisextile Pluto (25°32’ Capricorn), square Mars (18°25’ Taurus), conjunct Mercury (16°16’ rx Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Sadalsuud in the constellation of the water-pourer and Deneb Algedi in the constellation of the Sea Goat.   Although touched by the Luckiest of the Lucky, […]

Full Moon – 28.1.2021

the next Full Moon is on Thursday 28th January at 7.16 pm UT   Moon 9°05’ Leo (Sun 9°05’ Aquarius) opposite Saturn (4°53’ Aquarius) and Jupiter (9°17’ Aquarius), square Uranus (6°48’ Taurus), Mars (10°51’ Taurus) and Lilith (11°04’ Taurus), trine Chiron (5°47’ Aries), conjunct fixed star Ausellus Australis, the Southern (female) Donkey, in the constellation of Cancer – just […]

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